• VIP Security

  • Law Enforcement

  • Covert Tracking

  • Vehicle Recovery

3G+GPS+Mobile DVR Solutions
  • LIVE tracking in real time
  • CustoMized REport For your Needs
  • Easy Friendly User Interface
  • Dispatching Solutions 
  • Instant Notification Alerts
  • Fuel Sensors
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

​Mobile DVR+GPS System 4g/3g-Wifi - LiveView

“Many customers that implement a GPS tracking solution report an increase in a 10% reduction in unnecessary vehicle usage, giving the solution a very good return on investment“

Whether you're consumer or commercial based - our GPS devices are a high quality cost-effective solution. Paired with our GPS vehicle tracking software is what makes Armor Pro Track stand out from the rest.

Wireless Technologies:

3G, 4G, LTE, WCDMA, ​Wifi, M2M, IoT

Advanced GPS tracking Solutions

  • Asset Protection

  • PersonAL Tracking 

  • Business Fleet Tracking


Tired Of Buying New GPS Trackers
just because the Micro USB Port Broke?????
With our new Updated design that's a thing of the past.

  • Asset Tracking

  • Personal Safety (SOS)

  • Theft Prevention
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Locate Loved Ones

  • Find The Truth
  • Teen Driver​

  • Improve Route Efficiency

  • Reduce Labor Cost

  • Lower Dispatch

  • Response Times

  • Maintenance Monitoring

​​​​Cost Effective Asset and Fleet Monitoring