4G/3G Wifi GPS - 4CH 1080P HiDef Mobile DVR with Dual SD 

Fleet Management

Fleet Trackers 

DVR Equipment, GPS Tracking, and Dispatch Solution All in one!!!

4G/3G OBD II Vehicle Tracker is a real time tracker, that plugs into the diagnostics port of your vehicle car. Simple to install --Easy Plug and Play design, Option Port Extension Cable

Operator dashboard
A map with all vehicles shown in real time and a
vehicle list with status information is used as a real time
dashboard for the entire vehicle fleet.
Vehicle assignment
Any address or point of interest can be displayed on
the map to quickly find a job location and the closest
vehicle. Selecting the most suitable vehicle saves time
and minimizes unnecessary trips.
Customer service
Jobs can be estimated accurately and customer calls
can be answered directly as vehicle and job locations
are known. Delays are identified and changes can be
made early for improved customer satisfaction.
Vehicle visit reports
Detailed reports over vehicle visits at points of interest,
such as customer locations, can be used as input to
billing and to verify visits. Reports can be used to show
locations that have not been visited within a time period.

Proven Industrial design, low power consumption, high and low temperature resistance, Rugged stability;

1), Support 4 channel audio input, 4 channel video input ;

2), H.264 video compression, support 4 channel (AHD1080P,AHD960P, AHD720P, D1) 

3), GPS Mapping and Tracking with video and audio all at once

4), Signal system: PAL /NTSC5), 100FPS/125FPS

5.) Video can set real-time clock, date, car number, car speed,brake and alarm signal;

6), Solid construction shock proof, water proof and dust proof protection

7), With vehicle broadband power, can work stably in the voltage range of DC8V-36V;

8), Can set the video delay time, delay time range from 1  244 minutes;

10)Wireless File Transfer, Live updates never have out of date software

11), Fully enclosed design with lock, can effectively prevent sabotage and theft

12), Ultra Low Light Night Vision 

13), WIFI function can receive wifi hotspot, also can launch WiFi hotspot;

14), GPS Track History, and Alters triggered by excessive driving

15), Optional with 3G/4G/GPS/WiFi function.With Service Plan



  • Real time vehicle tracking can help you complete jobs faster, improve customer satisfaction, reduce unnecessary driving and lower vehicle related costs.
  • GPS tracking simplifies job planning and help find the vehicles best suited for urgent jobs. Time on site reporting shows fleet utilization and increased control eliminates unnecessary trips.
  • Better vehicle utilization and fuel economy is achieved as vehicles are used more efficiently and in line with corporate policies. This saves a lot of money for companies with vehicle fleets.

Extension cable for OBDII 3G Wifi GPS Tracker

1080P video recording
1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution at 30 fps with H.264 compression technology for more storage 

Vehicle alerts and driver safety
Alerts can be configured to detect excessive idling and
unauthorized vehicle use as it occurs. Fleet operators
are alerted in the application and the driver can be
contacted immediately. Driver SOS messages can be detected in real time in the application by fleet operators. Messages can also be sent to managers and field operators over SMS and email.
Easy implementation
The application is offered as a service, a web browser
is all you need to run it. Each vehicle is fitted with a
tracking device installed by us.
Fast Return on investment
We would like to offer you a free trial and together with
you analyze your current business to make a realistic
Return On Investment calculation with your actual data.

APTobDII3g , HARDWIRED with Inputs, water proof ipx7, dispatching, Fuel Sensors,

3G GPS Tracking Dash Cam 
JC200 with two cameras (front and inward) recording video sychronously, support SD card up to 32GB, Dashcam churns out crystal clear footage day or night for hours on end without needing to overlap old video. G-sensor is built-in device to automatically record and lock footage in the instance of a damaging accident. It is also well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold, so you won’t have to worry about frying your expensive new device on the windshield. 
Live surveillance
Wide Dynamic Range technology to capture the best light exposure, giving you flawless night-time recording and detail capture 
Built-in dual cameras
Ultra wide 145-degree viewing angle captures more of the road around you. With G-Sensor, the device can locks data to memory, which is helpful in insurance claims
Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm is turned on after vehicle stops the engine for 5 minutes. Alarm message will be pushed to APP if any vibration detected
Driver's Behavior Analysis
The built-in 9-axis G-sensor enable the camera to perform better for driver's behavior analysis
Bad behaviors like harsh acceleration, hard braking, sharp turn will be pre-warned and secured. All events data will be saved locally in TF card

DVR & GPS Fleet Trackers 

Cloud Server
Protect your data and privacy. Make your video backup safer 

​​​​Cost Effective Asset and Fleet Monitoring


Surfing network anytime anywhere

GPS tracking
Enjoy Free GPS Tracking service at, APP CarMatrix, where Real-time GPS tracking, Playback, Geo-fence, Report, Alarm data, Driver's behavior analysis, Live video are available